Time Shift Trio – Greek Music meets Jazz

Es gibt viele Musikkombinationen die funktionieren, aber traditionell griechische Klänge mit Jazz zu kombinieren, geht das? Der passionierte Drummer Kostas Mantzios, der mit seiner Band „Time Shift Trio“, die aus weiteren zwei Mitgliedern (Anastasia an der Geige und Vassilis an der Gitarre) besteht, macht es uns vor.

Für die anstehende CD gabs ein Fotoshooting in der „Bar Fou Fou“ in der Stuttgarter Altstadt. Weitere Informationen unter www.timeshift-trio.com.

Kostas’ wish was to combine modern jazz with Greek traditional music. Such a venture materialized when he met Vassilis, whom haven’t seen in a long time, and both shared the common passion. Then one day Kostas met Anastasia at a rehearsal of some common friends’ band, in a warehouse somewhere at the southern outskirts of Stuttgart. By improvising on a traditional Greek theme, they realised there was common ground to work together. This is how it all started! In the beginning, the focus of the Trio was on Anastasia’s songs & lyrics and Vassilis’ musical compositions. The point of interest with TimeShift-Trio is that, while each member comes from a different musical background, what interconnects everybody’s input and presence is their common affection for modality, poly-rhythmical patterns and improvisation. In addition to all that, the profound lyrics, provides the Trio with a subtle and dominant musical force that propells them into the future…